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Curatorial Drift (Clip)
Video, HD, B&W, loop

In an attempt to create a non-hierarchal display I made digital drawings of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York’s collection that I moved at random with the aid of a computer algorithm. These drawings depict sculptures, paintings, and other cultural objects rendered in wireframe are in uniform line weight. The results show a video of a museum’s collection drifting, with objects from history intersecting in a perpetually reimagined composition. The accompanying sound consists of multiple clips culled from audio tours found on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website and APP. These audio clips feature the official introduction to the museum’s exhibits made accessible to the public during the pandemic when visiting the physical institution was impossible. The tracks are slowed down and layered, rendering the language of the museum’s curators and conservators forceless. The now indecipherable audio tours follow the randomized curation of historical objects shaped by software.