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The Gallery of the Thieves: Recto / Verso attempts to challenge the Eurocentric narrative of classical antiquity through the reconsideration of the historical display. To do so, Ross presents a small non-static arrangement of images and objects from the distant past. This display in motion has objects that are often two-sided - including two versions of history, with the recto often challenging the verso. Many of these forms show imagery from Greek and Roman antiquity, which rotate into images from the Indus Valley (today's Pakistan), Mesopotamia, and the broader Levant - who, through ideas, imagery, or material process, shaped the cultural landscape of antiquity. Some objects play with flatness, blurring sculptural form and drawing; others are static and act as a backdrop for oscillating pieces. The Gallery of the Thieves: Recto / Verso is Ross's reflection on his unsettled positions regarding historical accounts and how we exhibit them.