UPCOMING / Terra Anima at the Spencer Museum of Art. Opens: September 19, 2017
ABOUT / I am interested in finding alternative methods of interpreting, recording, and visualizing history. The results of these activities have taken the form of a fictional institution titled the MuuM. Its contents include; drawings, videos, sculptures, and immersive environments – each work being different in material but consistently focused on the deconstruction of historical narratives; how truth relates to documentation; and how to reimagine the encyclopedic museum as a form of self-expression. Many of the works I produce are never considered complete. They are exhibited multiple times, continually exposing their evolution as elements are added or mutated, and as parts are exchanged, sold or eliminated. This process of gradual transformation is similar to that which many museums undergo, as individual objects from the collection are circulated between display and storage. These shifting arrangements attempt to weave time and place while disrupting standard curatorial strategies such as chronological order or geographic specificity. Each time the works are shown the more this disruption and entropy take place; the power of individual objects is removed, and we can begin to see cultural production more in mass (as a whole) and less in parts.