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In the year 2002 I was in Australia's Northern Territory. We were visiting an aboriginal reservation along the coast. I was young and asked lots of questions, and was a bit of a bother. Anxious for an experience to write about, or paint about, or whatever, I asked one of the older locals if they would accompany me on a walk. He agreed and we moved slowly through the landscape on a trail behind one of the main structures of the reservation. Right away I pointed at a rock and asked "how to do you say this in your language Anindilyakwa", he said the word Buláto. Then I pointed at a tree, he said Buláto. Then a kangaroo – "Buláto". This went on for a while. Returning to the larger group, frustrated, I complained to our tour guide. He promptly told me that Buláto means fingertip, and that the old man answered all my questions correctly, but that I will need to know myself before I will know Australia. Since then, I drew myself many times, and made these artworks.