UPCOMING Appalachia Now! An Interdisciplinary Survey of Contemporary Art -- curated by Jason Andrew, at the Asheville Museum of Art, opens in 2019.
NEWS/ I received the 2019 Tennessee Fellowship from South Arts! South Arts.


ABOUT/ I am interested in finding alternative methods of interpreting, recording, and visualizing history. Inspired by institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian, and Wikipedia, which attempt to evenly reflect all of cultural production, I have spent the past fifteen years investigating the logic of the museum and how it affects our perceptions of cultures and their histories. The results of these activities have taken the form of a fictional museum. This museum is comprised of objects that attempt to isolate the common socio- and psycho-cultural constructions often embedded within historical display, and by using the language of contemporary art as a way of creating a critical discourse and distance, reconsiders these cultural constructions through site-specific installations, images, and objects.

The installations in particular mix sculpture and drawing – they play with flatness and depth and are never considered finished works. Many works weave references from prehistory or classical antiquity with modern, contemporary, and personal imagery. These methods are combined with concepts found in anthropology and linguistics, which visualizes debates impacting inquiry in many disciplines, such as universalism, exoticism, and cultural appropriation.

My approach borrows from the “New Philology” paradigm in cultural and linguistic anthropology to articulate cultural factors, in the production, dissemination, and reception of art and art objects in curatorial space. Where we typically believe the historical museum— like the library— to present the signature or autograph of the work as the artist or author intended, cleansed of any instability or variance in the textual or artistic tradition, like the New Philologists I argue it is precisely this instability or variance in the presentation, which is of the most interest. Consequently, articulating and making accessible this unstable and varying meaning to the museum and museum-goer is the aim of my work.